Matthew Larson   |   Brooklyn, New York


Select Solo Exhibitions

1987    All Else The Sea,  Texas Georgia Dome,  Utah City, Nevada.

1897    Could My Dog Have A Bite Of Your Bagel?,  Jackie Onasis Blvd,  Mexico D.F.

1892    A Poor Man's Poor Man,  Tom's,  Maine.

1999    Sorry No Restroom,  American Apparel,  Placessss.

1866    My Big Fat Greek Asshole,  54-B District Court,  Santa Monica, TY.

1934    Darn It,  Dauerhaft Kunsthalle,  Hamburg DDDD.

2009    2009,  Floppy's,  Bozeman, Montana.

1919    Masterpiece (this is not),  all over the place.

2007    In Your Wake I Swim,  White Tub,  London.

1991    Smells like the 90's,  Dub Housing, Cleveland, OH.

2505    Kevin Costner's Pee Pee Salt,  Mount Lebanon Baptist Church,  Brooklyn, NY.

1863    Recent Paintings,  Salon des Refugees,  Paris.

1994    New Work,  New Museum,  New York.

1984    Do What Thou Wilt,  A Pure Forest Floor,  INDIA.

1951    In My Pants,  Denver Port Authority,  MXXIB.

2001    Horse Crimes,  Thieo's,  Lansing, Michigan.

2014    Shit House Rat,  Brick & Mortar,  Provo UTAHXXX.

9998 Joie De Toilette, DSW, Sheboygan.

2010    Hind Limb, No One Cares, Cinnabon (NJ Turnpike exit 116).

1906    Similar Photographs,  291 Gallery,  New York.

1943    Not Without Malady,  Undisclosed.

1345    Woven Placemats,  Cuyahoga County.

2014    Dutch Elm,  The Hauge,  South Holland, Netherlands.

2000    Pert Plus, Supercuts, Meridian Mall.

1709    Reseget Cineribus,  Fort Pontchartrain,  Detroit.

1809    Fiddler on a Hot Tin Roof,  Abrams Planetarium,  Venusss.

1987    A Knife To Cut Fruit,  Dayton Swim Club,  Dayton OH.

1951    Trends in Contemporary Thought And Problems That Demand A Solution,  Rome.

1950    Huevos Con Dios,  The Children's Place,  Dallas-Forth Worth.

1773    13 x 51 + 3,  Rib Of Indian,  Siam.


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